Valentine’s Day: original Present which will please your friend


Original Valentine's gift: a horseback ride in the Marais de Goulaine

For the romantic: romantic ride  for Valentine's Day, in the quiet and green marsh, straddling calm and docile mounts that will make you appreciate the tranquility of nature.

For sportsmen and women: this time can also be an opportunity for an original discovery, riding is a sport that knows pleasant change from intense activity and softness of a moment in the rhythm of horses not ...

For all budgets: the ride time is at 21 € per person, you invent the gift that best suit the chosen of your heart by adapting their expectations.

You're out of time? It is urgent? We can send you a gift voucher Valentine  valid for one year, by mail, it will be active upon receipt of your payment by mail. No way to arrive empty handed with your beloved.

You will be accompanied by a smiling instructor and educator who will be discreet and let you enjoy this moment with your spouse, or chats if you ask him to talk about the lives of horses and marshes Goulaine the seasons!

Treat yourself to an original Valentine's unusual, romantic or not! The horseback ride is the top original gifts for lovers.

To offer all course year because ultimately, it's a little Valentine's Day every day ...

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