Nantes green capital, Europe 2013 – Region Pays de Loire

The Pays de Loire region in the spotlight, green capital Nantes, Europe 2013

Aéroflorale plant and shipping

Today November 29, 2012, It is the European Day in NANTES Green Capital , which has been selected as the Green Capital for the year 2013, and she finally receive his trophy, and for connoisseurs, c is the 4 th time in Europe that this award is given after Stockholm (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany) Vitoria (Spain)

Yet it was not a foregone conclusion because the battle was hard, and vegetable shipping, will be the symbol for the city across Europe throughout the year 2013. Thus 4 very large European cities receive Expedition in 2013, on board the scientific, political and environmental professionals who will educate the public.

Green Nantes and its surroundings, it is only fair


Without wishing to quote in detail all its strengths, Nantes green 6 th largest city in France in terms of population is very pleasant.

It has many strengths and we will mention only a few of them:

  • 100,000 trees in cities
  • About 60 m2 per capita green space.
  • 2 Natura 2000 site references (including the stunning marsh Goulaine)
  • His famous exhibition Aeroflorale
  • Its action against CO2 emissions for 2020, a reduction of 30%

Nantes is located not far from the Atlantic (60 km), and sees its suburbs meet, Erdre, the Loire and the Sevre terms of population it is around 600,000.

Marsh Goulaine and its label NATURA 2000

For all lovers of nature, the Ministry of Ecology and surround to label 1514 hectares of marsh Goulaine, NATURA 2000 in order to protect the environment, biodiversity and beauty. Ideal for walks and rides, the marshes of Goulain e are a real asset to the tourism Nantais country.

How about this beautiful area without a Quote Goulaine Castle , which will delight the eyes (butterfly aviary), the palace (museum cakes and pastries LU), its setting and comfort, where the tourist can spend a night.

Goulaine marshes surrounding territories

The lover, the walker, the player, the lovers of old stones of the past and present will also feast on foot, horse, pony, by bike, not only in the marshes, but also in the surrounding area vineyards, vegetable crops and its famous windmills, which there are still so many beautiful specimens, to name just two examples:

  • Saint Julien de Concelles has 6 Moulins
  • Le Loroux Bottereau has 7 mills

Come travel to our beautiful region of Nantes, Véronique Caquineau you will discover the marsh of Goulaine Natura 2000 area with calm and docile horses. Ask price for a family outing or friends.


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