An idea of present at the last minute?

Offer a gift for a horse or pony in the vineyard Nantais!

You are very pissed off for Christmas Eve because in a few hours it will take to put a package under the tree for your wife, your husband, your children, godchildren, nephew, niece, etc.

Pere noel has equestrian farmHere's a good original gift that offers the Ferme Equestre de Goulaine The Reeds, which will please for sure, for children, adults, youth, teens, adults, retirees, whether athletes or not, Nature lovers, animals or just curious to discover a new activity and new sensations, you are sure to delight.

IF your budget is not high, our offers start at 10 € for a pony ride 30 min, 24 € for a horseback ride an hour, enough to please your loved ones without breaking the bank.

It's very simple and very fast because everything happens by mail or phone within minutes.

Step 1  : Call the equestrian farm the Reeds Goulaine at or send us an email to

Step 2  : Give us the full name of the recipient, the amount to choosing the right gift is left at your convenience (1 hour horseback ride in the marshes of Goulaine or more during one particular riding, 1 internship Introductory pony, etc).

Step 3  : Your voucher is sent to you by email in minutes

Step 4  : You just have to print it at home and to file under the tree or in the hood of Father Christmas!

Step 5  : You will send us your payment by mail later to activate the validity of the gift voucher is valid for 1 year. This allows time for the person to whom you give this present to reflect on the date that suits him and to make an appointment when she wants.

This formula is valid throughout the year for all your events: birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day , bachelor party girl or boy, wedding anniversary ...

Horses and ponies of Reeds Goulaine and Veronica and Aurore, you want to spend a happy holiday season.

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